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        • Features: Self-design High Bay, CREE/Lumileds LED Chip, MeanWell/Philips Driver, Nano Coating Reflector , Professional Optical Design, IP65 Rating, 100-277VAC, 5 Years Warranty, Intelligent Motion Sensor and Lighting Sensor Compatible.
        • Features: Beautiful Self-design, LG/Lumileds LED Chip, MeanWell/Philips Driver, Fixture Efficiency Over 150LM/W, 90-305VAC, Perfect Heat Sink, Dust proof Cover, 100Watt-200Watt, 10KV Surge Protection, Power Filter.
        • Features: MeanWell Driver, CREE LED、 Power:80W/100W/120W/150W/180/200W、 Microwave sensor function can be added、 System efficiency up to 125lm/W、 UL/DLC/CE/SAA Certified
        • Features: Daermay Driver, LumiLEDs LED、 Power:40W60W/90W、 System efficiency up to 120lm/W、 UL/DLC Certified
        • Features: Lifud driver, EPISTAR LED Chip, power:30W 60W 80W 100W 120W 180W 240W, high lighting efficiency 120LM/W, UL CE RoHS approval.
        • Features: Adopted optical PC lens, emitting efficiency up to 90%、 Professional optical design、 Tunnel professional bracket mounting、 Transparent heat sinks, best heat dissipation performance、 Golden ratio design of aesthetic integration、 IP65 Rating.
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